SUNLU FilaDryer S4 - filament dryer

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SUNLU FilaDryer S4 - filament dryer

SUNLU FilaDryer S4 - filament dryer

  • SUNLU FilaDryer S4 - filament dryer
  • SUNLU FilaDryer S4 - filament dryer
  • SUNLU FilaDryer S4 - filament dryer
  • SUNLU FilaDryer S4 - filament dryer
  • SUNLU FilaDryer S4 - filament dryer
  • SUNLU FilaDryer S4 - filament dryer
  • SUNLU FilaDryer S4 - filament dryer
  • SUNLU FilaDryer S4 - filament dryer
  • SUNLU FilaDryer S4 - filament dryer
  • SUNLU FilaDryer S4 - filament dryer


Price 159,00 €

SUNLU FilaDryer S4 is the first filament dryer that can fit four spools at once, increasing the efficency and meeting the users multi-color printing needs. The dryer is designed to dry a wide range of materials and the dried filament can be fed directly from the dryer into the printer to save time and to increase print quality.


  • Large Space
  • Efficiency
  • Fast Heating
  • Temperature Balance
  • Universal Compatibility
  • Auto Humidity Control
  • Availability
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    Why use a Filament Dryer?

    3D printing filaments have a tendency to absorb moisture from the surrounding environment, with some materials being more susceptible than others. This high moisture absorption can lead to issues during the extrusion process, such as clogs and poor adhesion of the object to the printing surface, as well as various quality problems in the final 3D printed product. Filament dryers are devices that remove excess humidity from filament by means of heat or heat and desiccant.

    Print While Drying

    SUNLU FilaDryer S4 comes with a design size of 458mm x 218mm x 312mm. It can contain up to 4 rolls of 1kg filaments. Plus, it is equipped with eight filament holes, and PTFE tubes, which meets the users' demands for drying multiple filaments and for concurrent printing while drying with multiple printers.

    High Compatibility

    The FilaDryer S4 by Sunlu has been designed to dry a wide range of materials, from PLA (also wood/marble/silk), ASA, ABS, PA, PC, PETG, HIPS or TPU. The most outstanding feature of the FilaDryer S4 is that it can fit 4 spools of 1 kg filament, and it can work with 1.75 mm, 2.85 mm and 3.00 mm diameter filaments.

    More than Efficiency

    SUNLU FilaDryer S4 is equipped with the PTC heating element and a triple-fan configuration and therfore it demonstrates enhanced heating efficiency by being able to heat up to 70°C in a shorter amount of time. The PTC heater boasts a heating power of 330W, 6.9 times more powerful than SUNLU FilaDryer S2.

    Integrating the PTC heating element and a two-level temperature control safety switch design provides a dual safeguard system.Plus, The surface of the scroll is equipped with a high-temperature resistant PTFE tubing to prevent issues caused by high-temperature exposure, effectively offsetting the risk of minor spool deformation that can rise rotational disruptions. Our design retains a secure temperature gap that effectively reduces the transmission of heat to the surface of the enclosure.

    Humidity management

    In addition to ensuring the ideal heat conditions for filament drying, the FilaDryer S4 also regulates chamber humidity levels. The device efficiently removes any generated humidity through eight filament holes on its chassis.

    The FilaDryer S4 is equipped with a precise humidity sensor that shows the current humidity level inside the dryer when it is not running. Once the humidity reaches or surpasses 50%, the FilaDryer will automatically turn on to prevent any additional moisture exposure.

    LCD Touchscreen

    The FilaDryer S4 features a spacious LCD touchscreen situated on the front of the unit for easy access. This touchscreen provides a rapid 1-second response time and shows important information such as temperature, time, humidity, material type, and countdown time. Users can adjust the drying temperature within the range of 35-70 °C.

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